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My services are for (if you recognize yourself in this list):

  • If you have fears, great fears, worries, stress, sadness, a feeling of loss/lack, you feel depressed/abandoned, recurrent concerns

  • I you can't succeed to take actions in your life and/or you feel stuck

  • If you are going through a break-up and that's difficult for you

  • If you want to be free of emotional dependency, emotional shocks (traumas), of limiting beliefs, of thoughts, of social and family conditioning

  • If you are experiencing something recurrent (repetitive patterns, emotions, physical sensations (not medical)), and that maybe you already had tried many processes to be free of it but without any success

  • If you are already on the path of self-help / you are committed to your self-growth and wish to live from your authenticity, to be freer and happier

  • If you feel that you are trapped, stuck, lost, undecided in your life, in your self-growth, in your expansion, in your progress

  • If you just want to improve your happiness, joy, freedom, to know yourself better, to be truer, to take more expansion at your spiritual, emotional and mind level

My services are not suited for (if you recognize yourself in this list):

  • I don't connect with my emotions

  • I don't feel my body, and I cut myself out of my physical sensations

  • I am or have been suicidal in the last 2 years

  • I have a medical condition that I want to heal (diabetes, cholesterol, hypoglycemia. cancer, etc...)

  • I have been diagnosed by a doctor with one or many heavy mental conditions

  • ·I have one or several addictions that I want to heal (alcohol, smoking, eating disorder, drugs, etc...)

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