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It has been now 8 years since I'm in the field of personal development.

My desire of understanding more, of being freer, happier: led me to do twenty training, to learn one hundred various efficient techniques, to meet very skilled people who were having real results about the numbers of people's lives having been transformed by them (their techniques).

I have spent more than 20 000$ in training, skills learning, and I have traveled the world for it.

I have been trained by many experts in their field: Teal Swan, Alexandre Nadeau, Grant McFetridge.

Co-creator of techniques with Alexandre Nadeau.

So I'm putting 100% of all of these experiences, knowledge, skills/abilities dedicated to your fundamental transformation.

Trainings received (non-exhaustive list) :

  • Institute for the Study of Peak States – Peak States Training by Shayne McKenzie (2019)

  • Institute for the Study of Peak States – Trauma Healing Training (Subcellular psychobiology) by Grant McFetridge (2018)

  • Institute for the Study of Peak States – Spiritual Emergency training by Agata Szyplińska (2019)

  • Institute for the Study of Peak States – Suicide Prevention training by Thomas Gagey (2019)

  • Completion Process Certified Practitioner (certified by Teal Swan - 2017)

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Base training - NLP (by Coaching Québec - 2017)

  • Mental Health First Aid training (by the Mental Health Commission of Canada - 2017)

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques - free training (EFT)

  • Peak States techniques based on Grant McFetridge researches

  • Training - Learn How to Really Change your Relationship towards Money 2018 (by Alexandre Nadeau)

  • Training – How to Experience Peak States (by Alexandre Nadeau)

  • Shamanic training 1 and 2 (by Alexandre Nadeau)

  • Training - Learn How to Change your Relationship towards Money (by Alexandre Nadeau)

  • Training - Direction Awakening (by Alexandre Nadeau)

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