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Like many people, what led me down the path of personal development were the difficult and hurtful relationships (emotionally, psychologically and physically) I experienced.

My personal journey began with this desire to know myself better, to understand my reactions, my behaviors and how to heal them in order to achieve a better well-being in my body, my mind and my life. In other words, to feel fulfilled, free and happy in my body and my life at all times.


From there began my introspection and healing work, which took me to many places around the world, allowed me to learn a multitude of healing tools, and allowed me to finally discover who I am.


I am a Certified Therapist in Trauma Therapy & Peak States, a Trainer in training and a graduate Researcher in Applied Research at the Institute for the Study of Peak States.

My greatest desire for Humanity is that people too can feel free to be genuinely themselves, outside of the social and family conditioning. That they are able to feel this zest for life forever, and the happiness and peace to be themselves.

Most humans feel empty, lost, disconnected from themselves and from life.

They don't know who they really are, they're living on autopilot a limited life that doesn't suit them and doesn't make them happy or fulfilled.

I'm going to help you discover who you really are and reconnect with yourself.

So that you can enjoy life to the fullest and feel they belong in this world, living a free and happy life.
















My past, present and future research focuses on :

- procrastination

- emotional dependence, the need for attention/love/recognition

- the feeling of being manipulated

- blockages to fundamental change

- going beyond the boundaries of what we know about consciousness and human potential

- being permanently aligned with one's life purpose, making choices that are always aligned

- Kundalini-related problems

- tobacco addiction


- Minimum Sleep State

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